Birthing and Breathing

Birthing and Breathing

I decided to take a day off recently – so it was a bit like a Saturday for me. After I awoke and got sleep out of my mind the Predominant thought that was racing through and thrilling my heart was: –

“He Breathes in us Dreams and He Breathes them into Existence”

So today firstly let me encourage you and myself to not be afraid of – Big Dreams – Lay back and imagine them, let them expand, be excited over their potential for change in your lives and the enormity of the impact for good and His Glory in the lives of others.

We often look upon “Walking in the Spirit” as some – “Super Spiritual State” – but, it is (or should be) the Child of Gods natural way of life. When we stop straining to be spiritual and we stop trying to (centre ourselves) to spirituality and we let Him be Pre-eminent then the Holy Spirit (centres) us – and thus the Walk starts.

When we recognise that “Walking in the Spirit” is a Natural State for the Christian and not a Super Spiritual State then our entire perspective changes.

Our perspective recognises then that He is: Sufficient, Enabling, Predominant and the Centre and Sphere of all things and that He is our All Sufficiency. Our view of our daily life is changed and in fact our (World View) changes.

  • We see our Distress as a “sanctified experience.”
  • We see our Joys as an expression of “His great grace towards us.”
  • We see our Difficulties as an “opportunity for Father to Surprise and Astound us afresh.”

What a phenomenal adventure being saved has set us on.

Walking in the Spirit enables us to avoid fulfilling the lusts of the flesh. The old man/dead in Christ nature in us is constantly trying to persuade and dissuade us. Trying to get us distracted so He is not glorified – But He in us makes us more than conquerors.

He is the Author (we should remind ourselves of that more often) of our faith and now perhaps more importantly the Finisher of our Faith – He is doing it, we of course participate but let’s never forget that It’s His Work in us that accomplishes the finishing (Day by Day) and in Eternity.

He who spoke once and brought the universe into being is today – with intimacy calling our individual names. Let’s not in the business of the day allow its loud voice to drown out His – Let’s have the “noise cancelling” headphones on so we hear His voice.

There is a phenomenal day ahead – be blessed in it – the word be blessed in Greek (makarios) in reality is a (Happy Place) so enjoy that happy place today.

Let’s see Gods face in all we do today: An old Rabbi one said, “In olden days there were men who saw the face of God.””Why don’t they anymore?” a young student asked. The wise Rabbi responded – “Because, nowadays no one stoops so low,”

God Bless you in your journey of Faith – Keep Dreaming Dreams Like Air

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