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World Wide Christian Ministries has had activities in Kenya, Burundi, Thailand, Italy, Bangalore, Belgium, and the UK. For more information on our Missions Partners, see our Missions Partners Review.

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    We will be contacting your reference person to ask for his/her thoughts on your application.

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    The World Wide Christian Ministries Vision

    The Vision

    To Reach the World for Christ

    “First, I thank my God through Jesus the Anointed for all of you because we are joined by faith as family, and your faith is spreading across the world. For I call God as my witness – whom I worship in my spirit and serve in making known the gospel – He alone knows how often I mention you in my prayers. I find myself constantly praying for you and hoping it’s in God’s will for me to be with you soon. I desperately want to see you so that I can share some gift of the Spirit to strengthen you. Plus, I know that when we come together something beautiful will happen as we are encouraged by each other’s faith.” - "Romans:8: 1 to 11" – The Voice

    A very successful business man by the name of “Jeffrey E. Garten” said “that vision without execution is a hallucination.” This has profound truth at its heart. Some years ago, I was seeking God; there was a fundamental question resting heavily upon my heart and it was “God what legacy and heritage can I expect to leave behind when I leave this life to meet with you?”

    The answer that came back to me was “Do what I say, Do what I give you to do, Love those I give you to love and Encourage my people. The heritage will be a life satisfied in me, and a journey of productivity and fruitfulness. The legacy will be those who individually and collectively look back recognising they have been strengthened, expanded corporately, beautified and encouraged. They will see that my power is made perfect in weakness and it is my grace that has accomplished these things.”

    Since that time, I have dedicated myself to outworking that Vision God planted in my spirit and I am determined that with His enablement it will not be an hallucination. I am now in light of the that mandate determined to breathe fresh hope and life into God’s sons and daughters. Through that passion for Christ to uncover the truths of living in His grace and freedom and recognition of our identity in Christ.

    The past years have been astounding. I have been overwhelmed at His grace at work in my life and my Teaching, Preaching, and Evangelistic ministry. To my utter amazement and delight as His purposes have been outworked I have had the delight to see thousands hearing the message of salvation, countless people saved and discovering a new-found faith and walk with Christ and so many have testified of being encouraged and declaring their physical healing.

    This has been outworked in the following countries: – United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Kenya, Burundi, Argentina and Bangalore and plans are being formulated to travel to – Ghana and the other African Countries in 2019 onwards.

    I hope that your visit to this ministry web site will encourage to get involved in short term Mission / Ministry and that you will share with me in the outworking of this continuing vision.

    Our Ethos and Our overall ministry Vision is to:

    • Connect Individuals and People to the heart of God

    • Encourage Local churches

    • Engage people to pray for those who do not know Jesus

    • Teach people to minister to the needs of others

    • Raise prayer support for Pastors

    Legacies never get built on intentions. They’re built on action. Let’s be “Workers together with God”

    Being a volunteer is a privilege. It is a great opportunity to serve, learn and experience new things with God. Money and time has been given by people all over the world for this to take place and it is a unique time for those attending. The mission period is not normal life. It is more intense, more stressful and very cool! You will be expected to do your job to the best of your ability; to work hard until the job is done, often for long hours; and to do this with an attitude of love and servant hood.

    Although mission life is fun, this is not a “summer camp”, so we require respectful and mature attitudes from volunteers.


    • Most trips will be 7 days. We do not set aside holiday time during the trips, so if you desire to do tourism travel you must plan this for a time before or after your commitment is fulfilled.

    • Be at least 10 minutes early to all mission worker meetings.

    • Mission worker prayer meetings and daily community worship times are required for all volunteers unless they are busy with an assigned job.

    • Men look after the girls. Carry the heavy stuff. Don't let the girls do it. We honor them and watch out for them.

    • In the personal relationships you develop, in behavior and in dressing you should maintain respect and modesty according to the atmosphere of the mission ethos.

    • We are all responsible to care for the property, space and equipment, whether it be something of your area or anothers. We enjoy a clean, tidy and peaceful atmosphere, which is only possible if all volunteers make effort to keep this so.

    Media/Alcohol Fast

    • No Alcohol.Alcohol indicates "Strong spirits" - Light Beers and Larger are permitted with associated permissions granted.

    • Media Fast. No TV, movies, during the mission period. The purpose of this is so that we can be more focused and prepared for the spiritual battle we are entering. Utilise this time to prayer and meditate on scripture.

    • No Internet except for staying in touch with family, church and friends. In general, Internet use is only allowed for brief updates and Skype calls to family, friends and supporters as well as any practical responsibilities cleared by a leader.

    I have read and agree to abide by media/alcohol fast (*)


    In addition to team prayer times, commit yourself daily to privately seeking the Lord through prayer and study of his word.


    1. Submit to the leadership. Feel free to talk to them whenever you need to, about personal or practical aspects. Submission includes being loyal, positive and teachable.

    2. Be willing to do anything required for the well being of the Mission Trip. Suggestions are welcome, whilst always accepting and supporting a leaders decision.

    3. Maintain an optimistic and positive attitude. Pessimism kills faith and hurts team morale. “Encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

    4. Assume the best in each other, consider the needs of others before your own (i.e. don’t fight for the best room, best bed, etc.), practice sacrificial love and forgive easily. Consider Christ"s example on this (Philippians 2: 3-8; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7).

    5. Push yourself. Be bold and courageous. Step outside of your comfort zone.

    6. Be humble and teachable, willing to take responsibility for mistakes and faults. Be quick to apologise. Nobody is perfect, and serving the Mission is a great opportunity to grow.

    7. Additionally, it's natural to form friendships within the overall group. That being said, overall unity of the team is of utmost importance so strive to avoid “cliques” and fight to maintain unity for the group at large.

    I have read and commit myself to adhere to this covenant for the duration of my commitment as a Mission Trip Volunteer. (*)