God is Eternal – God is Infinite – God is Our Source of Permanence.

We as humans have a hard time coming to terms with the unavoidable change that is a part of life and the finite amount of time we have here. What we are looking for most of all is something that will be around for all of time, something that is immortal. As we become more aware of the transient character of this world, we find that we have an increased desire for the permanence that comes from other sources.

The Holy Spirit Our Source of Empowerment

God has not abandoned us in a helpless and defenceless state. Instead, what Jesus sees for us is a Companion who is capable of taking us through all of life’s hardships. Therefore, we should take courage and be fortified by the knowledge that we are no longer travelling this road of faith by ourselves! We can put a stop to bearing burdens that were never meant for us to shoulder!

“Lord, to whom shall we go?

We are all faced with a problem and a profoundly significant question, and it is – “To whom shall we go?” in regard to sin, truth, and the pathway to heaven. The question relates to the most fundamental of situations: that of sin and our eternal destiny. Sin is an unpopular word in today’s multicultural society of “forward-thinking, intellectual, and live and let live” societies. In the previous generations, it was unpopular because it was uncomfortable, now it is unpopular because a “live and let live” and “do what feels right” consciousness is the prevalent way of thinking.

Living Like Heroes

Living as Heroes “Hebrews: 11: 1 to 40.” There is a plan in place for every one of God’s children. We have been welcomed into the family of God by the “Royal Decree,” and much like King David of old, we have been reborn through the experience of being “Born Again” to “Reign in Life” […]


GOD HEARS & RESPONDS. English – Portuguese – French – Urdu Depending on your age range, a “telegram” may be completely foreign to your lexicon of everyday communication. The “Digital Age” we’re currently in allows for nearly immediate, worldwide communication. To what extent does it benefit or hinder one’s life? Well! That’s something you’ll have […]