Reaching Out to Encourage in the Name of Christ

Hello to all who may have taken the time to look at our website and thank you for honouring us in such a way.

World Wide Christian Ministries was birthed in 2010 and has blossomed ever since then. Its first flight was to Nairobi Kenya to spend time at the Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College (NPBC) and since then mission activities have been in – Kenya, Burundi, Thailand, Italy, Bangalore, Buenos Aires Argentina, Ethiopia, Greece, Belgium, France and the UK and in all of these (Teaching, Preaching, Evangelistic) activities the prime objectives have been to Encourage the Bride of Christ (His Church), to Strengthen the The Body of Christ, and to see Men, Women and Children finding Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

I want to thank God for the level of success seen in all of these activities and sincerely to give Him all the Glory for all and everything achieved thus far. Thousands have heard the message of salvation, so many have taken Jesus as Saviour, lots of folks have discovered a new found faith and walk with Christ and so many have testified of being encouraged and healed and delivered.

The vision God has given this ministry is to work with local Pastors and Leaders worldwide to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We provide content, encouragement, collaboration, direction and financial support for these ministers while they focus on evangelism in their native country. All proceeds from giving are ploughed back into furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally.

The single most important decision someone will make in their life is the decision of their eternal destiny. Followers of Jesus have been commanded to take the gospel to the ends of the Earth.

Please consider partnering with us. Your support no matter how small can make a huge impact in the lives that can be reached and the souls that can be saved. We will do everything in our power to introduce people to Jesus.

Our Central Aspiration: – 

The Holy Spirit and the Gospel of Christ’s redeeming love are inseparable, they will always remain so and they are tied together in the bundle of life.

My desire is to see the power of God being manifested. Never mind all the various techniques, manipulation and psycho-suggestion that is rife today. I say – just preach the Word.

It is within the Word that the power of God is hidden – right in the gospel. Separate the power from the WORD and you get a counterfeit thrill only. Signs and wonders from God will only follow the preaching of the WORD. They are always GOD’S SIGNS, not ours.

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May you experience Gods Richest Blessings as you spend time with us today.


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