So much of the preaching we hear in our day and age and it’s so noticeable as one looks on “Facebook”, “YouTube” etc is not specifically designed to keep congregations in a state of “need” or “living with a fortress mentality” or “living in mediocrity” but because it is so “gentle, un-offensive, vanilla and all about the ordinary” and maintaining (numbers / status quo) it results in Gods People believing that’s it’s their destiny and the way things are – Well! I’m here to say that its wrong.

Gods Man and His Work and Preparation

The Word of God, the Bible is within the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ to be the “final voice of authority” in all matters. I hope we can agree with that. If not, then some soul searching is required. In light of His Voice being the “Final Authority” and our subject matter today – Gods Man and His Work of Preparation – the opinion that God in His Word provides for us is of the utmost importance.

The Workers Commission

It is of importance for all of us today to recognise that the foundation of everything that is done, in the Lord’s Name and for Him is built upon the basis of Relationship. Relationship, Yes! With one another, but more importantly, relationship with the Lord Himself. Relationship is the first and foremost qualification for service, and relationship is not gained by Church attendance. It’s not found in the continual pressures of doing Good Works. It’s not obtained, by the giving of one’s finances. It is simply through Birth.

No Other Name

Scripture: – “Acts 4: 8 to 10“ Text: – “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by  which we must be saved.” – “Acts 4:12“ We are living in a day and generation in which Men and Women are looking for a solution to […]