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It has been at least 3 years since I have been stirred in my spirit to open this Bible School. I hope I am not being presumptuous in believing that it has at its foundation the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

It was over 10yrs ago when I felt the same prompting and the Worldwide Christian Ministries mission activities commenced and through it thousands have come to faith in Jesus Christ along with hundreds who have testified of receiving healing and deliverance from the Lord.

I am especially agitated in my spirit over the lack of good old fashioned basic systematic doctrinal teaching in the Church today. There isn’t any lack of inspirational and motivational messages coming from pulpits but not systematic teaching.

The only teaching being received is often only on a Sunday morning for 30minutes or so and a chat in “Cell or Home Groups” leaving much of the people of God impoverished and underfed.

It perhaps works well for many Ministers and Leaders who have then only to prepare one short ministry session a week on a Sunday Morning or in exceptional cases both Sunday Morning & Evening, but not for the people that God has entrusted to them.

Imagine for a moment trying to live week after week with only 1 meal and a snack – What would be the consequences? Not only weakness of both Body and Mind but a lack of ability to withstand even the smallest of conflicts that arise.

In addition to this the Church is plagued at this time with many “False Teachers and would be Prophets” who have become “Religious Icons” of notoriety with large followings of people who are unable to distinguish between truth and error.

The aim of the WWCM on-line Bible School is to try and fill this gap for those hungry for teaching. Let me say right here and now though the WWCM Bible School is no substitute for enrolling into a “Residential Training College” or for one’s own “Personal Study of God’s Word.” No! not at all.

I’ve been serving the cause of Christ for over 50yrs now, with an initial call as an Ephesians 4 Ministry Gift as an Evangelist, but it has had its edges blurred by being involved for over 14yrs in Pastoral Ministry and engaging in Bible Teaching throughout the World.

My desire is simply to try and provide something quality and worth and engaging to all who are hungry.

How will this happen? Well! we will be commencing our 1st Semester with a 10 Week Course in Soteriology (The doctrine of salvation).

The course will include over the 10 weeks: –

  1. Salvation.
  2. Repentance.
  3. Faith.
  4. Regeneration.
  5. Justification.
  6. Adoption.
  7. Indwelling.
  8. Assurance.
  9. Sanctification.
  10. Glorification.

There will at the end of the 10week course be an exam with 100 questions based upon the 10 Semester Sessions. There will be three questions per session module these questions will be multiple choice.

On completion of the final exam certificates will be issued to those who complete it with gradings as follows: –

  1. Certificate – 70% Pass Result
  2. Certificate with Merit – 80% Pass Result
  3. Certificate with Honours – 95% Pass Result

There will be 1 month on conclusion of Session 10 – “Glorification” – to take the examination – this will give plenty of time to revise the notes and the videos – We understand that many participating will not be English speakers.

We hope you will engage with us and that it will be both an enthusiastic engagement providing an extra layer of stability to all in their spiritual foundations and of course provide an extension to the Kingdom of God.

God Bless You

Rev Albert M Martin

Founder of WWCM – Worldwide Christian Ministries