The Trinity Unwrapped – Defending Against Heretical Assumptions.

Understanding the Trinity is like tackling the ultimate brain teaser in Christianity. Picture this: God is one, but also three – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – each equally important, eternal, and sharing the same divine essence. Wrap your head around that if you can! Through the ages, folks have tried to explain this mind-bending concept using everyday examples.

Revolutionising the Invitation to Accept Jesus.

I like “Star Trek” and one of the headline phrases utilised in it is – “The Prime Directive.” It’s time to remember that the “Prime Directive” of the Church is to outwork what Jesus said – “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned…” Matthew 28:15-19. Along with that there is the addition of “Making Disciples.”

The Masculine Crisis

The Masculine Crisis – The Challenges and Blessings of Manhood – A Christian Exploration. It’s a bad time for men. The data can be manipulated in any way you choose, and it will still return the same result. There is a plague of fatherlessness among boys and young men. New cases of sexual misconduct by […]

Understanding the Multifaceted Nature of Salvation in the Biblical Gospel.

Understanding the Multifaceted Nature of Salvation in the Biblical Gospel. Introduction: Exploring the concept of salvation in the context of the Biblical Gospel can be an intricate and multi-dimensional endeavour. The term “salvation” is not a simple, one-size-fits-all concept in the Bible; rather, it unfolds in a myriad of different ways, each holding a unique […]

Deus morreu na cruz do Calvário?

Deus morreu na cruz do Calvário? Explorando a questão crucial de uma perspetiva doutrinária. “Que o próprio Cristo seja o vosso exemplo de como deve ser a vossa atitude. Pois ele, que sempre foi Deus por natureza, não se apegou às suas prerrogativas como igual a Deus, mas despojou-se de todos os privilégios, consentindo em […]