Caleb a Man of a Different Spirit – Burmese Translation

I must tell you today that when reading the Scripture, the words – “He has a different spirit” or as the King James puts it “He has another spirit in him” – “Numbers 14:24” jumped off the page and grabbed me by the throat. I had never seen the line before let alone recognised how important and foundational it was.

It was so impacting that it drove me to my knees and began to encompass my waking moments and has had an on-going effect upon my journey with the Lord.

I hope that in some manner I can captivate you with it also and that it might truly infect your soul with what it conveys.

I want to centre your attention in this time together on a Bible character called Caleb but before I do let me remind you that there have been many Biblical Men and Women of Faith.

Growing in Christ & The Fruit of the Spirit – Part 2

Despite the world-wide interest in the ministry of the Spirit, which is characteristic of the times through which we are passing, there are still some who regard the Third Person of the Trinity as relatively unimportant. Had the early disciples tried to bypass Pentecost, it is doubtful whether we would have heard of them again; they would have exhausted themselves trying to cope with their problems.

Growing in Christ & The Fruit of the Spirit – Part 1

In todays church generation it very obvious that “Basic Fundamental Doctrinal Biblical Teaching” has taken second place to – encouraging homilies, get rich or get well schemes plus corporate messages designed to “please the crowd, maintain numbers. Accompanied by pep talks and motivational discourses aimed at keeping everybody happy and offending none.”. The unfortunate side effect of that is the increase in our Christian Brothers and Sisters requiring ever increasing counselling and pastoral support. We are called upon as the Body of Christ to be “versed in the Scriptures”.


“Only God can truly reveal God. This self-revelation, so necessary for salvation, has been given through the Scriptures. From the same source we derive God’s view of man, which is the true view, for who can know man like his maker? In these days, when false philosophies are misrepresenting the nature of man, it is important that we be grounded in the true representation. Also, we shall be better able to understand the doctrines of sin, judgement and salvation, which are based upon the Biblical view of man’s nature”

Was Jesus a Bad Timekeeper?

I’m hazarding a guess here but humanly speaking emotions and attitude in this situation would honestly not be inclined to sing the words of the famous hymn by preacher Joseph M. Scriven as a poem in 1855 to comfort his mother, who was living in Ireland while he was in Canada – “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.