The Reality and Evidence of Our Freedom in Christ

isten, my friends, I’m speaking as much to myself today as all of us here and online and yes prophetically to the “wider church” saying that God is speaking once again into those tombs. We may have settled into a routine and lost sight of the radical, life-changing power of the Gospel. But today, right now, and right here the Holy Spirit is wanting to shake us out of our complacency and is inviting us into something new.

Christian Perspective – The Four Tendency Perspectives

Understanding one’s own tendencies and the tendencies of those around them can help Christians build better relationships and overcome challenges. For example, an Upholder may struggle to understand why a Rebel is resistant to authority but recognising that it is a fundamental part of their nature can help them find ways to work together more effectively.


So much of the preaching we hear in our day and age and it’s so noticeable as one looks on “Facebook”, “YouTube” etc is not specifically designed to keep congregations in a state of “need” or “living with a fortress mentality” or “living in mediocrity” but because it is so “gentle, un-offensive, vanilla and all about the ordinary” and maintaining (numbers / status quo) it results in Gods People believing that’s it’s their destiny and the way things are – Well! I’m here to say that its wrong.