The Seventh Day Adventists

In this study on the Seventh-Day Adventist Movement and their teachings, it is my intention to reveal them in their subtle and oft time deceptive (although often innocently) doctrinal views and law ridden practises. They do not believe in the Trinity and also are Post-tribulation Premillennialism and hold other un-biblical doctrines.

The Separation of Faith

The Separation of Faith Scripture: – “Hebrews 11:8-10” Introduction: – Abraham is an Old Testament character who Bible Scholars and Biblical Historians generally accept as the foremost Patriarch of Judaism and Islam plus and Man of Faith. It would be true to say that individuals do not become notable by sitting and doing nothing and […]

The Lord’s Prayer

Part 2 Scripture: – “Matthew 6:9–13” Introduction: – In our previous thoughts on this study of some of the phrases and statements of the Lord’s Prayer, we concentrated our thoughts on the background and introduction of it to us, by the Lord Jesus. We focused especially on the two words “Our Father”, and it’s right that […]

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer Part 1 of 2 Scripture: – “Matthew 6:9-13” Introduction: – The Lord’s Prayer, which these verses in Matthews Gospel is so commonly called is perhaps the most well-known of all the prayers of the Word of God, and also perhaps due to this, the prayer that means the least,  not due to […]

یسوع خدا کا بیٹا – یسوع مسیح کا کردار

JESUS THE SON OF GOD – THE CHARACTER OF JESUS CHRIST – URDU TRANSLATION کیا یسوع مسیح ایک لیجنڈ ، مجنوں ، جھوٹا ، یا خداوند اور خدا ہے ؟ تعارف:- ہم نے اپنے پچھلے مطالعہ میں غور کیا ہے ، وہ پہل جو خدا نے اپنے آپ کو انسانوں کے پاس ظاہر کیا ، […]

Music In Gods Work

The value of music and its use in the House and Work of God is of such enormity that it is not possible to calculate it, or it’s effect both in the General Life, and the Individual Life, of the People of God. It is an area of Church Life that has invariably been underestimated, and in our day and generation been utilised by the enemy to undermine the doctrinal foundations long established.

Jesus the Man and the Son of God – The Claims of Jesus Christ (URDU)

بیٹا – یسوع مسیح کا دعویٰ پوسٹ کیا ہوا؟ 27 ستمبر 2020کی طرف البرٹ مارٹن یسوع انسان اور خدا کا بیٹا – یسوع مسیح کا دعویٰ صحیفہ: – یسوع خدا کا حصہ یا خدا کا ایک تہوار حصہ نہیں ہے۔ ہم مکمل طور پر خدا ہیں۔ “اس لیل خدا کی تمام تر جسمانی شکل میں رہائش ہے” – “کالسیوں 2: 9” تعارف: […]


Christians claim that Jesus Christ was not simply God in a Human Disguise, or a man with Divine Qualities, but that He was in essence, God. The Bible teaches that Jesus is not merely someone who is a lot like God, or someone who has a very close walk with God. Rather, Jesus is the Most-High God himself. In “Titus 2:13” we read that as Christians we are “looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Saviour, Christ Jesus.”