Don’t Be Yourself

The Gospel in many respects is a scandal because it tells each and every man, woman, and child – whether “criminal”, “good,” religious or otherwise – that they must be born again – being themselves – outside of an encounter with Christ in their salvation is the pathway to destruction. The Bible in “John 3:3,” tells us that the unregenerate man who is “keeping it real” is keeping’ himself in constant threat of God’s wrath and only increasing his condemnation – “Romans 2:4-5” living like that only provides an eternal barrier to the kingdom of God.  

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is someone who appears to be friendly and to be concerned with your best interest, but who actually has hidden motives to take advantage of you or use you in some manner. 

The idiom wolf in sheep’s clothing is found in the New Testament, “Matthew 7:15” – “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

Let’s Play Tag Together – Your’e It

Do we understand the times in which we are living? Do we recognise the plight of both the Church and the Lost? Are we prepared to seize the moment by any and all means to bring across the gospel in a fresh and meaningful way, without watering it down to be accepted,and still keep its powerful and impactful to a lost generation of both saved and un-saved alike? Or! And it’s with such sadness I say this – “Will we be at ease in Zion?” will there be a “Little folding of the hands to rest” will we “continue to lie there?” will we “get up from our sleep?” if we do we can expect only poverty of spirit because the enemy “will come upon us like a robber” and we will find ourselves in need because a bandit will have stolen away the richness that God has for us.

The Love Of God

The whole of the world at this particular time of History and possibly  more than at any other time is taken up with the theme of Love, nearly all the song which are sung, poems that are written, and films which are produced, depict, speak or ring with this theme, and yet with all this, it is clearly apparent that men and woman are not taking a grasp of what real love is. In so many places and in the experience of so many they are finding fanciful ideas that meet in a partial manner the needs of the flesh, and are stimulating and invigorating, but are missing the mark of what real love is.

The Power of the Gospel

It would be true to state that even the most zealous and enthusiastic soon discover that there is “just something missing,” which leaves them with an awareness of a void and feeling of emptiness. The reason why these very legitimate and natural things do this is that they are not getting to the real core of the problem, nor meeting the real area of need. They are dealing only with the symptoms not the disease.

The Bible gives to us the real answer to the problem, and it declares that in our standing and position before a holy creator God we are “Cut off by our sins, and without God we are without hope in this world.” It really does not matter how much enthusiasm or effort we put in to the everyday activities of life if we do not meet with the central need, of getting right with God, we will continue from day to day, until we reach the grave to live in abject failure and continue with a sense of emptiness, again the Bible tells us “Hope deferred makes the Heart Sick” and in another place “God has set an awareness of eternity into every human heart.”

An old Hymn writer once put it this way “I tried the broken cisterns Lord, but ah the waters failed, and even as I stooped to drink, they mocked me as I wailed.” There are countless millions of people who have discovered and are continuing to discover the reality and truth of this in their lives.

What It Means To Be Spiritually Lost

Now I’m sure that you like me realise that the whole world is given over to Materialism, and a desire to have more of what we might call the luxuries of life, and it is a fact that so many are completely overtaken by this desire, to the exclusion of everything else.

Spiritual matters take a back seat, and when you speak to people about Jesus, you know what happens they Procrastinate. Many of them say not today when I get older etc then I’ll think about Jesus Christ but very often Death takes these people unawares.

What It Means to Be Lost

If you had a child and you knew that what it was doing was going to bring about its eventual destruction, you would have every right to be angry; well, that is God’s heart towards you today.

He is angry because He gave His Son Jesus Christ to save you from yourself, the devil, and sins misery. His Son Jesus died to provide forgiveness, healing, and deliverance and yet you have turned His gracious offer away.

Why not turn the anger and wrath of God away today by receiving Jesus Christ as your Saviour. He desires to Save; He desires to Deliver. He desires to set you free from Demonic Possession or Oppression and He desires to Heal your Bodies.

Words of Terror from the Depths of Hell

Scripture: – “Luke 16:23-31” “Then he died, this poor man, and was taken up by the angels to the lap of Abraham. The rich man also died and was buried. In hell and in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham in the distance and Lazarus in his lap. He called out, ‘Father Abraham, mercy! […]

The Promise of Life and Freedom from Guilt

It is a fact that I am sure that none of us today would try to deny that everybody is looking for a life of freedom and pleasure. Everyone is looking to get the best out of what life has given to them, and to find satisfaction from what to many is a meagre existence from day to day. Well! I am here to tell you that in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ that I have read earlier on from “John 5:24,” that we discover the answer to that need.

Are We All The Children of God?

A short time ago I was tuning into a Christmas Service and was blessed by the actual service but heard the statement “We are All the Children of God,” and it was one of those moments when the “hairs on the back of one’s neck stand up” because it was so clearly not what the Bible teaches.

The statement would have been fine had it been unpacked a little to explain what was meant by the statement but unfortunately it was just left there “hanging in the air” as if it was truth.

We may ask “What’s the problem with this remark?” Well! it’s a very important problem because it leaves folks with a misunderstanding of the route to salvation and a false premise upon which to stake their eternal destiny.