Discipleship v Discipling

In the first-century church, discipleship and evangelism were inseparable. To be a disciple meant to share the love of Christ with the world. You can’t really be a disciple without being an evangelist, and vice versa. But you know what’s surprising? Many people today want to be disciples without actively sharing their faith. Let’s together change and adopt another mindset and embrace the joy of spreading the good news.


SENHOR, QUEREMOS VER JESUS Introdução: O perigo de uma perspectiva egocêntrica e o perigo de uma perspectiva obcecada por si mesma. Minha igreja local costumava ter uma faixa sobre a plataforma que não podia passar despercebida por nenhum dos presentes. Ela trazia as palavras “Senhor, gostaríamos de ver Jesus” e é uma escritura encontrada em […]


MONSIEUR, NOUS VERRIONS JÉSUS Introduction : Le danger d’une perspective égocentrique et le péril d’une perspective égocentrique. Mon église locale avait l’habitude d’avoir une bannière au-dessus de la plate-forme qui ne pouvait être manquée par aucune des personnes présentes. Elle portait les mots “Monsieur, nous voudrions voir Jésus” et il s’agit d’une Écriture trouvée dans […]


In our eagerness to impart wisdom and guidance, there is a danger, in our haste to provide wisdom and direction to others, of reducing the teachings of the Bible to merely a checklist of things that need to be accomplished. This reductionist way of thinking can have disastrous effects, such as making people more self-absorbed and preoccupied with themselves.

The Reality and Evidence of Our Freedom in Christ

isten, my friends, I’m speaking as much to myself today as all of us here and online and yes prophetically to the “wider church” saying that God is speaking once again into those tombs. We may have settled into a routine and lost sight of the radical, life-changing power of the Gospel. But today, right now, and right here the Holy Spirit is wanting to shake us out of our complacency and is inviting us into something new.

Life Is Full of Uncertainties

Life can often be unpredictable, and we may find ourselves facing challenges and uncertainties that shake our faith and make us feel lost. However, as believers, we have a source of strength and hope that is unchanging and reliable. God’s promises are steadfast and true, and we can always trust in His love, grace, and mercy.

The Resurrection of Lazarus

The Resurrection of Lazarus.
The story of Lazarus has a fundamental impact upon all who declare that they are of the Christian faith. In this short message we look at it once again and in doing so I trust it will bless, encourage and spur us on.
It is presented in: English, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Ukrainian and Chinese.

Safe in Christ

Today, I’m addressing my thoughts and deliberations with a sense of inspiration towards those that the songwriter says “ Have dreams that have fallen apart” to those who have “tired and broken hearts” to those who when you look into their eyes think that “they are on their own” and what I want to say to you, and to do so with all sincerity and enthusiasm that – “You are not on your own.”

What it Means to Walk Empowered By Christ!

The Bible provides the foundation for the idea of the freedom that comes through Christ. The only way to obtain freedom – real freedom – a freedom which is enjoined to liberty – is to become familiar with and embrace Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour. When we make Him the centre of our lives, we are liberated from the shackles of sin and the sentence of death. As children of God, we are granted a new identity, and we are commanded to walk in the freedom that Christ gives us, and we are empowered to do so.