Are You Bent Out Of Shape

You have a problem with alcohol, and you’re asked to “Stop drinking!” and you reply, “I can’t!”
You have a problem with pornography, and you’re asked to “Stop looking at pornography!” and you reply, “I can’t!”
You have a problem with drug abuse, and you’re asked to “Stop abusing drugs!” and you reply, “I can’t!”
You have a problem with bitterness of spirit, and you’re asked to “Stop being bitter!” you reply “I can’t!”
You have a problem with forgiveness, and you’re asked to “Forgive that person that hurt you!” and you reply, “I can’t!”


I guess if I were to ask everyone here now what was the most popular phrase that is used on the large sandwich boards that are sometimes seen being carried about the answer would be either “The end of the World is Nigh” or “Prepare to meet your God.” When these are seen inevitably, they arouse in the minds of those that see them nothing but ridicule and mockery. Yet, the idea and particularly the message that is being conveyed is very pertinent and profound.


So much of the preaching we hear in our day and age and it’s so noticeable as one looks on “Facebook”, “YouTube” etc is not specifically designed to keep congregations in a state of “need” or “living with a fortress mentality” or “living in mediocrity” but because it is so “gentle, un-offensive, vanilla and all about the ordinary” and maintaining (numbers / status quo) it results in Gods People believing that’s it’s their destiny and the way things are – Well! I’m here to say that its wrong.