Treasures in Heaven

Treasures in Heaven

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” – “Matthew 6:20-22

I’ve been challenged over the past few weeks about where my spiritual eyes are focused and where my treasure is. Strange thing you might say to be considering but is it really. You see, it’s so easy for us to get distracted because of the busy and hectic lives we live. Families, Careers, Holidays, Seasons of Sickness and this does not exclude those reading this meditation that are involved in “full time ministries”.

It came to a head when I was just sharing with a sister at Church about the passion (or apparent lack of it) that so many Children of God have today in respect of Gods Call to Evangelism and the outworking of His Mission in the World by His Church.

I’m challenged about where “my feet are planted”. In that challenge Abram comes to mind.

Consider for a moment Abram.

In “Hebrews 11:10” We read of Abram and it says of him – “For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.

The statement was made of him in the context of the heavenly accolades given to individuals who are designated as “heroes of faith” but why.

The answer is part of the ingredients of an enormous banquet of things. However, in the context of what we are considering it’s that whilst his feet naturally were firmly on the ground, he likewise had a vision firmly fixed on Gods Mission for His Life and Heaven.

It’s been said that we can be “so heavenly minded that we are of no earthly use” but this was not Abrams journey experience.

Consider for a moment his situation. Here’s a man who was wealthy, held in high regard, a man of influence and well respected in his society and there is nothing wrong in all of that. However, here is a man also (prior to Gods calling) – lost in idolatry and as the scriptures declare for all outside of the provision of saving faith dead in trespasses and sin.

But! and how wonderful but’s can be. God intervened in his life’s journey. In a similar manner as He has done for each of us.

There was I’m sure a time when Abram started sensing and recognising that God was speaking to him. When he was in Ur Mesopotamia and God initially started speaking to him. At that time, he had his feet in two camps both his old idolatrous life and in the new adventure that God was calling him into.

He would have been like someone with one foot on a boat and the other on the shore. I’m sure you may have seen this.

The image is of someone trying to get out of a boat slowly. They’ve got one foot on the dock and one foot in the boat, and they just don’t want to commit – just in case.

When watching them all you can think is, “Make a decision” and “Make a decision quick before disaster strikes”.

Because as the boat starts to drift away, it’s going to get really uncomfortable really fast. The moral of that tale is “You’re either in or you’re out! Wait long enough and the boat will decide for you.” If your destination is the shore then you are either on the shore or lost in either the water or the boat never reaching the destination prepared.

Abram decided and he took his eyes off the World with all its idols and he metaphorical got out of the boat.

The question hits us today “where are we?” In our Out. (Families, Careers, Holidays, Seasons of Sickness and “full time ministries”.)  They can all be our idols. Abram decided he would be “all in” for God – His name was changed and along with it his life.

Today you may be living with the name – Defeat or Condemnation your label may be Fear and Powerlessness. The appellate attached to you may be “they have never succeeded before why should they now?.” It might be that you have listened to the lie that says, “You are beyond the reach of God’s grace.” If so I’m here to tell you all that can change. Believe me, it can.

Abraham lived after his encounter with God and he had “gotten out of the boat” as if God Ruled and did so in all things – Yes! He was sovereign he recognised.

The heart-searching question comes to us and asks – “What if we were to live as if Jesus rules, was sovereign and eternity is real?”

The apostle Paul once wrote to the Colossians believers and his exhortation was to set their minds on things above and not on the things of this present world – “Colossians 3:2”. What was he saying? basically he was saying this: – “live as if Jesus rules, was sovereign and eternity is real?” Get out of the boat and be “all in” for Christ.

That’s really not new news to us as Christians. However, as I get older I get forgetful and I’m audacious enough to say at times we all suffer with the problem of forgetfulness.

We get all wrapped up and excited by “spiritual warfare, conquering the land, demons, angels” and many other legitimate things and become forgetfulness of basic truths.

If you know your time in your current reality and journey will come to an end, (after all life is truly just like a vapour.) “James 4:14” tells us “you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” isn’t it therefore wise to use these precious few years to prepare for the coming reality – the permanent eternal one?

In other words, if we know eternity is real, and that compared to eternity this life is like a vapor and will soon end, isn’t it wise to leverage these brief moments for our coming, permanent and eternal reality? In fact, it’s just outright foolish to do otherwise, right?

If the Scripture is correct in respect of my life when it says – three score and ten – then in the 4th April 2024 I’ll be going home to Haven. It’s therefore my determination in these few years left to get my feet out of the concrete of Earth, get Heavens Vision and Set my Mind on things above.

After all, what’s it going to matter in regard to our Money, Careers, Homes, Cars, Graduation Diplomas and PhDs in 100 years? In 10,000 years? or if Jesus comes 1st?

Only two things in life are truly eternal the kingdom of God and the Souls of People. There is an expression that is making the rounds “YOLO” meaning – “you only live once” that’s true to a point. However, the reality is that it should be changed to “YALF” meaning “you actually live forever.” If you believe that, then why do we waste our lives on the trivial things in this world? Why don’t we make your lives count for eternity?

Only two things in life are truly eternal the Kingdom of God and the Souls of People

Paul says to the Colossians, “You have a choice to make.”

  1. You can live as if Jesus rules and eternity is real
  2. You can live as if you’re sufficient to save yourselves and as if you’ll live forever.

No 1 is Truth No 2 is False

All of us have to choose. When we look forward into eternity and see who rules eternity, then we know our lives will not be determined by the kind of Stocks and Shares, Cars, Homes, Pension Pots or Fame even if we owned a second home or retired at 50.

No! Our life will be determined by Christ: whether we lived out His Will, Pleased Him, and were good Stewards of what He gave us for His Purposes.

I was in the train in route for Barnes recently and I saw this billboard advert – it makes interesting reading if read in light of what I have shared today.

5 thoughts on “Treasures in Heaven

  1. Hello, Greetings from Rwanda in East Africa. I’m founder of Rwanda Christian Action Ministries (RCAM), your website and teachings are very important and inspired.

    Hoping to learn more from you


  2. Every good gift comes from above.An eternal perspective is a gift from above,and we can ask for it.
    Of myself I can do nothing,but He who is within me can focus my mind on that which is of eternal
    value.I once saw myself standing on a Californian beach:I had dipped a teaspoon into the mighty
    Pacific Ocean,and I was staring at the tiny amount of seawater in the teaspoon(this present life
    on Earth),and The Lord said’Look up,and focus on the vastness of the ocean(eternity)and let me
    prepare you for that.Those who are ‘lost’ never look up:their focus is on the things of this world.The
    question ‘Christian’,is this:are you any different?.Let us ask the good Lord to enable us to fix our eyes
    Above,and then bring what we see as a gift to those lost in the cares of a lost world.

  3. Thank you and I don’t need to be caught up with this perishable life and it’s doings because of YALF
    (You actually live forever)
    Hallelujah !

  4. Interesting the saying “too heavenly minded to be any earthly good”. Heard that quoted so mant times and each time I heard it I felt irked in my being,, maybe because I felt it implied that I was so into Jesus that instead of helping others get to know Him I was hindering them. BUT, there came a time when I reslised that I needed to be heavenly minded in order to be able to be of any good for Jesus here on earth. After all, He said,”Without Him, we can do nothing”. And without Him there is no heavenly eternity.

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