The Thrilling Journey through Jesus’ Compassion

In the annals of eternity, the compassion of Christ shines like a resplendent beacon, guiding us through the ages of time. Imagine, for a moment if you would if you were traversing the vast expanse of eternity, witnessing the compassionate heart of our Saviour. As we journeyed, we would venture back to the very genesis of creation, we would encounter the grandeur of Christ’s pre-existence, before the universe’s first quiver. In that timeless realm, we would discover that His awesome compassion pulsated, in an unending symphony of love that spanned all of eternity past and in fact spans all of time as we understand it.

Christian Perspective – The Four Tendency Perspectives

Understanding one’s own tendencies and the tendencies of those around them can help Christians build better relationships and overcome challenges. For example, an Upholder may struggle to understand why a Rebel is resistant to authority but recognising that it is a fundamental part of their nature can help them find ways to work together more effectively.