Scriptural Prayers for Joy in the Morning.

Prayers for Joy in the Morning

As the days unfold toward the joyous celebration of Christmas, envision joy as a vibrant fruit adorning the branches of the Spirit. Yet, let’s be honest, there are days when that joy might seem a bit sluggish, right? Fear not! The wisdom concealed within God’s Word is a secret stash of joy fuel, patiently waiting to be discovered a veritable treasure chest of encouragement crafted just for you!

Now, here’s where the holiday magic intensifies. Starting on Sunday, the 17th of December 2023, you have the incredible privilege of turning these words into your own prayers as an intimate daily dialogue with the God. Picture it as a heart-to-heart chat with the Father in Heaven, an opportunity to infuse your day with joy right from the start. How cool is that?

Embrace a bit of adventure! Dive into these 12 prayers, tailor-made to bring joy into your life, much like the 12 Days of Christmas unfolding before you. It’s a joy infusion, directly from the source. But here’s where the real magic sparkles, take the following passages, let your heart dance, and weave them into your prayers. Trust me, as you journey through the Scriptures during these special Days of Christmas, joy will bubble up within you like a sparkling spring.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the joyous adventure of these 12 Days of Christmas begin!

1.     On the 1st Day of Christmas – Joy in Safety from – Psalm 16.

Lord, In the shelter of Your love, I find my refuge, running to You like a child seeking comfort. My heart craves Your presence, and oh, how I find joy in the delight of being close to You. Your faithfulness is my anchor, and in my imperfection, Your Spirit lavishes me with goodness through the grace of Jesus, my Saviour.

Lord, You are the very essence of my existence, my life intertwined with Yours. Your Word is my banquet, satisfying the hunger of my soul with its divine instruction. With you as the centre of my trust, I stand unshakable, grounded in the strength You provide.

Eternal is my inheritance, a forever journey with You. Throughout each day, I lift praises like a melody, my eyes fixed on Your unwavering grace. Father, I am filled with profound happiness, a joy that emanates from Your enduring presence.

In awe, I say, Amen.

2.     On the 2nd Day of Christmas – Joy in God’s Glory from – Psalm 19.

Father, I love how You reveal Yourself to me through the heavens which declare Your glory and proclaim Your works. They never stop revealing your glory! Thank you for making yourself known to me through your Word, too. It’s perfect, trustworthy, and makes me wise. Your laws are right and true and bring joy to my heart. How can it be, otherwise, Father? For I am here for your glory. I know when I keep Your commands there is great reward. Lord may these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, for You are my Rock and my redeemer.

For Your glory, I pray,


3.     On the 3rd Day of Christmas – Joy for God’s Omnipresence from – Psalm 28.

Oh, Heavenly Guide, my gratitude spills forth like the morning sun, and I’m just so thankful that I can dial into your divine line every morning. Your ears, tuned to the whispers of my soul, hear me from wherever I find myself. The thought of your silence is unimaginable, and I cherish the assurance that I’m never beyond the reach of Your attentive ear.

In the vast orchestra of existence, I’m assured that I won’t be swept away by the discord of the wicked. Your justice, a symphony in itself, ensures that every wrong will find its rightful recompense. My heart dances with joy as I lift praises to you, the maestro of my life.

You, Lord, are my unyielding strength, my ever-present shield against the storms. With a heart anchored in trust, it somersaults with joy like a child at play. I make every day a melody of praise, a harmonious hymn to the Shepherd who cradles and guards me eternally.

With a resounding Amen, I seal my praises to You!

4.     On the 4th Day of Christmas – Joy in God’s Rescue from – Psalm 43.

Dearest Father, My God,

In a world where the wicked seem to cast their shadows far and wide, I find solace in the certainty of your rescue. Like a beacon in the night, your deliverance is a promise that steadies my heart. Amid the swirling chaos, I approach you, my rock and refuge, finding joy and delight in the sanctuary of your presence.

No matter the distress that may knock at my door, I stand unshaken, for my hope is firmly anchored in you. There is never a need for me to be overwhelmed, for your embrace is my stronghold. With gratitude and praise, I lift my voice to you, my Father, and my God.

Amen, and may Your name be exalted.

5.     On the 5th Day of Christmas – Joy over God’s Good Character from – Psalm 47.

My Lord God, In the tapestry of your Word, the vibrant threads weave a portrait of who you are! A symphony of joy rises within us, compelling us to clap our hands and shout with exuberance. You, alone, are truly awesome, the Great King reigning sovereign over the entire expanse of the earth.

Our hearts swell with rejoicing as we lift our voices in harmonious praise. The melody of our songs is dedicated to You, seated upon Your holy throne, presiding over the nations with unmatched majesty. Every earthly king bows before Your sovereignty, and in this truth, I find my greatest joy—belonging to You.

With reverence and gratitude, I sing praises to Your holy name.


6.     On the 6th Day of Christmas – Joy in God’s Refuge from – Psalm 57.

Oh, Lord, In the vast expanse of existence, no matter who or what we may seek refuge from, Your unwavering presence surrounds us. Like a fledgling finding shelter beneath the protective wings, my soul takes refuge in the shadow of Your grace, patiently awaiting the passing storms of destruction.

In my cries, I find solace, for You hear and respond, fulfilling Your purpose for me. As Your love and faithfulness flow through me, I am moulded by Your great works. Lord, in Your grandeur, be exalted in the heavens, and may Your glory cascade across the earth like a breathtaking sunrise.

With a heart overflowing with thanks and praise, I lift my voice to You, Father.

Amen, and amen!

7.     On the 7th Day of Christmas – Joy in Worship from – Psalm 98.

Oh, Lord, With a heart brimming with gratitude, I raise a melody, a new song, just for You. Your works are nothing short of marvellous, and as the orchestrator of my salvation, You are the divine maestro of my existence. Your salvation, like a gentle breeze, touches every corner of the earth, and in my prayers, I recount Your mighty deeds. Your goodness becomes a story I eagerly share with others.

In the harmonious chorus of creation, the whole earth resounds with praises because of You. My soul yearns to join the celestial choir, to add its notes to the symphony of heavenly adoration. In this unity of praise, joy flourishes like a radiant bloom.

With exuberance, we make a joyful noise before You, acknowledging Your righteous judgment and equitable rule. Holy and good, You are the epitome of divine perfection.

For Your glory, now and forevermore, I pray,


8. On the 8th Day of Christmas – Joy in Christ’s Advent from – Luke 2:8-21

Oh, Magnificent, Heavenly Father, As I ponder the breathtaking scene that unfolded for the shepherds on that radiant night when You descended to earth as Jesus, joy swells within me. The revelation of Christ’s birth, entrusted to humble guardians of sheep, unveils the depth of Your kindness. Just as the lowly shepherds were chosen to bear witness before all but Mary and Joseph, I, too, am embraced by Your grace.

The overwhelming spectacle of Your mighty angels, proclaiming the wondrous news, mirrors the overwhelming gratitude that fills my heart. Your messenger heralded good news of great joy, and I am humbled to be counted among “all the people.” I rejoice, for You, in Your divine humility, clothed Yourself in humanity to rescue me.

May my words echo the shepherds’ proclamation, sharing Your story for Your pleasure and glory. In the name of Jesus, my Savior, I lift this prayer.


9. On the 9th Day of Christmas – Joy in Sharing God’s Good News from – Matthew 28

Oh, Lord Jesus, In the light of Your grace, what choice do we have but to rejoice in You and extend that joy to a world in need? You have entrusted each believer with a sacred commission—to share the embodiment of good news, which is You. You are the Gospel, the most profound message this world will ever encounter.

The resurrection, a beacon of hope and joy, illuminated the hearts of Your disciples, and that same joy is now a precious gift bestowed upon us. From the depths of my grateful heart, I thank You for the profound act of saving me. Your love and sacrifice have birthed within me an everlasting joy that transcends circumstance.

Amen, and may my life be a testament to the joy found in You.

10. On the 10th Day of Christmas – Christ Makes Our Joy Complete from – John 15:11

Precious Jesus, my Saviour,

Gratitude spills from my heart like a fountain as I thank You for infusing my life with joy. In You, I find a completeness that surpasses understanding, and Your joy becomes the melody that harmonises the symphony of my existence. All the wisdom You shared with Your disciples is not merely historical but a living legacy accessible to me, empowering me to spread the joyous news of You to everyone I encounter.

As each day unfolds, I step forward with the assurance that You, in Your boundless love, make my joy complete. Your peace, a steady companion, paves the way as I journey through life. The depth of my gratitude is immeasurable, for the cross stands as a testament to Your sacrificial love.

It seems an eternity would not be enough to adequately thank You, and yet, in the promise of eternity with You, I find unfathomable joy. A joy that will echo through the ages as I continually praise and thank You.

In Your matchless name, I pray,


11. On the 11th Day of Christmas – Joy in Hope from – Romans 15:13

Lord Jesus, In the embrace of Your Word, I discover You as a God of hope, a source of unending joy, and a bestower of profound peace to those who believe in You. Your Holy Spirit, a divine presence within me, becomes the wellspring of hope, an empowering force guiding me through the twists and turns of life. Though human trust may falter, my hope in You remains unwavering.

You, the Creator of heavens and earth, sculpted humanity with divine intention. Perfect, holy, and good, You stand as an unshakeable anchor. In Your presence, doubt finds no dwelling place, and with You residing in me, my spirit remains steadfast, rooted in Your enduring truth.

Humbled and overjoyed, I lift my praises to You, Lord Jesus, thankful for the unshakable hope and joy You infuse into my being.


12. On the 12th Day of Christmas – Joy in Forgiveness of Sins from – Hebrews 12:2

My Beloved Saviour, You, the Founder and Perfecter of my faith, stand as the cornerstone of my existence. Without You, I would be lost in the labyrinth of life, and I willingly surrender every step to You. In the vast landscape of my journey, I recognise my incapacity to navigate without Your guiding hand, and this realisation brings me profound peace and joy.

No situation can overwhelm me because You, in Your sacrificial journey to the cross, set fullness of joy before me. Your act of erasing my sins is a masterpiece of love that I can never fully comprehend. Seated at the right hand of the throne of God, You, my Intercessor, lift my name in prayer each day. The joy that blossoms within me is a testament to Your grace.

Grant me the strength, my Saviour, to glorify You in every encounter today. May my undiminished joy be a beacon that draws others toward Your love. Oh, how I love You! Oh, how I praise You! Be glorified in me, my Saviour and Lord.

In Your name, I pray with uncontainable joy,


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