No Other Name

Scripture: –Acts 4: 8 to 10

Text: –

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by  which we must be saved.” – “Acts 4:12

We are living in a day and generation in which Men and Women are looking for a solution to the problems and complexities of life which they face, and I am overjoyed by the fact that today, I am able to unequivocally say, “I’ve got the answer”, and the answer, is Jesus Christ.

There is an old song that used to be sung in many Church Fellowships and it is, “Christ is the Answer to my every need”, and the song although old, has nevertheless, not lost any of its truth or relevance, and it’s just as meaningful and relevant to the lives of all today, whether Young or Old.

There are Thousands in the Town’s in which we live who are looking for an answer, and they are looking in so many ways, but discovering  that the solution only turns out to be a mirage leaving them just as frustrated and lost in the helplessness of their situation and problem and added to it all is an additional sickness of Heart. We are told very clearly in the Bible the following fact – “Hope, deferred makes the Heart sick” – “Proverbs 13:12

In the verses in Acts 4:8-10 above there is the same situation. Here we have a Man that had been lame from birth, and as a result had become a beggar. Society of his day made no provision for the sick in body, and in the record we have before us it reveals, that this man had reached 40 years of age, before any answer or solution was found for him, and it was this that the Apostle Peter, was sharing with the Church Leaders of his day. They were not happy in any way whatsoever, and the reason for it was that these men were unlearned and had no Ordination into the Priesthood or recognition by the powers to be, or any commission by the leaders of the day to perform miracles.

The Bible reveals to us that the Church Leaders of the day were commanding Peter to keep quiet about the Miracle that had been wrought on the Lame Man. Why? basically the Christian Church was beginning to grow in popularity, and this was proving to be a challenge to the already well-established Jewish Church, and the Jewish  Leaders. The leaders instead of understanding that what was happening was a natural growth of the Kingdom of God, saw it as a threat, and so wanted it stopped.

With that background in mind, what has the story to say to you and I today? Well! I want you to notice some points that Peter was making, because I believe that they are of vital importance to all today, and perhaps to  you specifically, if whilst reading this article, you have a pressing need in your life.

We Should Notice How Peter Refers to Jesus Christ.

In Verse:11 Peter referring to Jesus Christ speaks of Him in a very strange way, and calls Him “THE STONE”, initially this may be difficult to understand, but there is a significance of importance to it, because he was referring to a Scripture in the Psalms that says – “The Stone which the builders refused is become the Head of the corner” – “Psalm 118:22

There was an old Legend that said, when the Jewish People were building the Temple of Solomon, the Stones which were carved out of Solid Rock, were delivered to site and the builders discovered one which did not seem to fit in with all the rest. They discarded this one and it was cast into the Valley of Nedron. It took seven  years to build the Temple and at the end one Stone was required to finish it, the Cornerstone, and it was the one stone the builders had refused, and without it the building could never be complete.

What has this to do with you and I, we are not builders, we have nothing  to do with making stone slabs, are we? probably not, but we are all interested in the building of foundations in our lives. Lives are so susceptible to every whim and turn of circumstances. Inflation rises and with it the worries regarding bank balances, sickness is surrounding us, and anxiety increasing relating to sickness or disease fixing itself upon us.

Redundancy is rife, and men’s hearts are failing them with fear of Unemployment. However, I’m really delighted that we do not have to live like that, because Jesus is the Rock of Salvation. He will if allowed into an  individual’s life provide a Solid Rock Foundation that will enable all to rest secure and will never crumble or deteriorate.

You may have heard messages of good news before but rejected them at that time. There may have been all sorts of reasons why, but do you still have your need? So perhaps it’s time for you to consider afresh, why you rejected it.

The Church Leaders of Christs day rejected Him because He would not be the Military Leader they wanted, they rejected Him because He was not a Social Climber, and would not be involved in boosting interest in a flagging Religion, and He was not the raiser of Finance’s for them, and above all He cared for the ordinary  people, of His day.

What’s your reason for rejection? was it that your friends would not think it cool? or Socially Acceptable? was it that those who called themselves Christians, let you down both in what you assumed they should be like, and also in what they were? If, any of these things or others were your reason let me say, I am not offering you a Church Organisation or any Guru or New set of Rules, I’m simply offering a Relationship with Jesus Christ, for I know and have proved He never fails.

 You may say, “I’ve tried it before, and it didn’t work then why should it work now?”. Let me challenge you right now and ask “What did you try? “Did you go Gods way or try your own methods?” because only Gods way will work.

We Should Notice How Peter Shows Jesus As the Only Means of Help

When it is said, “I’ve tried it before”, invariable many have not followed Gods Blueprint, and have failed, because it is a fact that God never fails. Let me enumerate three ways which are chosen so often, and yet always lead to failure and frustration.

  • The Appeal to National Heritage.

We live in a Country that likes itself to be considered “Christian” or “Christlike” as the word really means, and although it is founded upon Christian Ideals it nevertheless falls very short of the standard God establishes in His Word the Bible. If we say to many people “Are you a Christian?”, they answer “Of course I am, I live in a Christian Country don’t I?”, maybe you have said it, but as much as being Born in a Garage, does not make you a Car, being born in a Christian Country does not make you a Christian.

  • The Appeal to Offerings and Sacrifices.

In the days of which Peter of our text lived, literal Sacrifices were made in order to appease a rightfully angry God, due to the inherent sinfulness of the people. It is really no different today, but Men and Women have exchanged Bulls, Goats, and Sheep, for Flag Day Collecting, Joining Charitable Organisations and being kind to  the proverbial Neighbour, all in order to relive an aggravating  conscience, and not only are they frustrated in it so is God, He says, “To what purpose is the multitude of your Sacrifices to me, says the Lord; I’ve had  enough   of the burnt offerings of Rams, and the Fat of Fed beasts, without obedience I do not delight in the blood of Bulls, or of Lambs, or off She  Goats, without righteousness. When you come before me, who requires of you that your  unholy feet trample my courts. Bring me no more offerings of vanity and emptiness.”  – “Isaiah 1:11 to 13a

In light therefore of what God plainly declares, many are therefore wasting their time, and in fact the Bible goes on to say, “Our own Righteousness’s is as filthy rags” before Him.

  • The Appeal to Special Days.

Again, in a similar way as the works mentioned before, many feel keeping special days Holy, it will help, but  again God says, that by “Your new moons and appointed  feast days, my  Soul hates; they are an oppressive burden to me, I am weary of hearing  of them” – “Isaiah 1:14” the reason God is weary of them that instead of leading them to Himself, they detracted from the real of the message, that God was sharing, and still is.

Jesus is looking for sincerity of Heart and Obedience to His designated way. It was Jesus Christ Himself who declared “No man comes to the Father but by me” – “John 14:6” and the Bible is very clear to point out that He is the Only Way, to God and Heaven.

Conclusion: –

When any Man or Women comes to God through Jesus Christ, they find that He does not fail. When He sets free, the freedom is permanent, and what the Salvation of Jesus Christ offers, encompasses every need and situation of life.

It is not Gods will nor His intention for you to be bound by any Sin, Sickness, Habit, Depression or Circumstances  or Situation. He has provided in the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ a Solid Foundation and Salvation.

Jesus Christ was and still is the Answer to your every need, and if you will but cast your cares on Him, and in sincerity and obedience commit your life and your need to Him, you will find that He does not fail. He wants you to have LIFE, Everlasting Life and Abundant Life.

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  1. Thank you. Lot of truth in what you have written, Jesus IS the only name by which we can be saved!

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