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First, I thank my God through Jesus the Anointed for all of you because  family, and your faith is spreading across the world. For I call God as my witness – whom I worship in my spirit and serve in making known the gospel – He alone knows how often I mention you in my prayers. I find myself constantly praying for you and hoping it’s in God’s will for me to be with you soon. I desperately want to see you so that I can share some gift of the Spirit to strengthen you. Plus, I know that when we come together something beautiful will happen as we are encouraged by each other’s faith.” – “Romans 8: 1 to 11” – The Voice

My Dear Friend and Co-Worker in Christ,

This is the 7th Newsletter I have sent and I hope that this will be of interest to you and will excite you in respect of the work we are carrying out together in various parts of God’s Harvest field.

Let me begin by wishing you a Grace filled 2019.

We have all had very different journeys – There have been highs and lows – However, God has been at work and we now arrived at another junction in our pathways.

Let’s remember what it says in “Romans 4:17” –  “As it is written: “I have made you a father of many nations.” He is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.

In this newsletter I want to let you know about my last trip to Burundi and the exciting things that lay ahead in 2019 & 2020.

However, before I do let me try to encourage you with the following short meditation.

What are we told in “1 Corinthians 13:4a, 5b” it says, Love is patient, love is kind … it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs

We have just moved through the Christmas Celebrations and are perhaps looking towards 2019 with a variety of feelings and thoughts.

What has Christmas been about for you? Has it been a time of loving discourse with friends and family? Has it been a time of stress and anxiety? Has it been a celebration of becoming Grandparents? Has it been a time that you just want to be over and done with?

Whatever it has been for you let me say to you – try to see Jesus in it all. Think about this for a moment: –

How many kings step down from their thrones for me? How many lords have abandoned their homes for me? How many greats have become the least for me? How many gods have poured out their hearts for me? How many fathers gave up their sons for me?
Whatever our recent experiences have been – Christmas is about Love.

Love is about giving not necessarily money or gifts but love.

Love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs or perceived offenses. It doesn’t involve scorecards of plusses and minuses. It does not keep a running list of kindnesses to reward those who come out on top (and shun those who do not).

Love – Real God Birthed Love is entirely the opposite of earthly love which is so tainted by the fallen nature of mankind.

God’s Love is portrayed in many ways and giving is predominant amongst them. This stands in stark contrast to Earthly Love which has at its heart self-centeredness.

God’s Love v Earthly Love

Self-centeredness says, “What has that person done for me lately?”

  • Love says, “What can I do for that person today?

Self-centeredness makes mental lists of how others have disappointed them.

  • God’s Love makes mental lists of ways they can bless others.

Self-centeredness withholds affection and approval from those who don’t deserve it.

  • God’s Love gives affection unconditionally because none of us do deserve it.

Self-centeredness says, “Come here and give me a hug.”

  • God’s Love says, “Come here and let me hug you.” 

With genuine love, there are no scorecards. I’m certainly glad God tore up mine long ago. King David wrote, If you, LORD, kept a record of sins, LORD, who could stand? – “Psalm 130:2”. I know of a surety that I couldn’t!

If God doesn’t keep a scorecard making notes of the ways I have offended Him, disappointed Him or not given Him the attention He deserves then why should I keep scorecards on the people in my little world? Let’s tear up those scorecards and begin loving as God loves us. Equally, don’t beat yourself up but receive the Fathers Love in your experience today.

So what’s been happening?

Burundi: –

I have recently returned from a Mission Trip to Gitega in Burundi. I was welcomed so warmly by the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God and enjoyed so much fellowshipping with him and his Wife. I was especially delighted to be able to minister into the Pastors Congregation. There is a hunger for God in Gitega and that was manifested so clearly by approximately 800-1000 people who were in attendance to the meetings.

God moved by the Holy Spirit and approximately 60 people made a commitment to Jesus. In addition, several testified of being healed from partial paralysis and blindness. Also, 1 possessed young Lady was completely freed by the power of God.

So, what’s ahead in 2019 – 2020

Bangladesh – Jan / Feb 2019

  • I am at present awaiting confirmation of a Bible School Teaching Mission Trip to Dhaka Bangladesh. It is supposed to be happening at the end of January 2019 for a 7-day period. Ethiopia – April / May 2019 I recently received an invitation from an ex Bible School Student from whom I had not heard from since the early 1970’s to go to Ethiopia and I am expecting that this will be a mixture of both Teaching and Evangelism.

South of France – July 2019

  • I’m in the South of France in the 1st Week of July 2019 where I am the main speaker at a Family Camp.

Burundi – July 2020

  • I’m thrilled by this Mission Trip because I have a heart for Burundi which has developed over the past few years since I have been visiting there and have been privileged to minister into the lives of thousands who have been in attendance at the meetings and to assist in encouraging / teaching the local Leaders and Pastors. I had a vision birthed in my spirit for a “Mass Crusade” in Gitega. This is forming into a reality and progress is being made towards its fulfilment.
  • We have arranged for the Gitega Basketball Stadium to be used over a 4 Day Period (Wednesday thru Saturday) in order that the Gospel can be preached. The Stadium should hold approximately 10,000 people with room for perhaps another 1000 outside. In addition, the event will have both TV & Radio Live coverage. The Radio side of it will be able to reach some 2million people in the various provinces around Gitega.
  • During the period a Children’s Crusade will take place over 2/3 Days in order that there might also be a harvest of both adults and children alike.
  • Whilst all that is happening there will also be Street Evangelism taking place.

It is hoped that I can take a Team of 12 people with me. I have 5 already committed to the team from the UK and hoping that there will be 6 from Belgium also.

Do please be in prayer for: – Rosemary, Prudence, Barry, Maureen, Peter and Obi who are in the team already – We are looking for 1 more from the UK (So if you are interested please let me know) or go to the Web Site and complete the on-line application form at –

Burundi Crusade Quarterly Prayer Meetings UK, Belgium & Burundi

What is absolutely essential is that all the preparations are bathed in prayer. With this in mind Quarterly Prayer Meetings are going to be held. It is hoped that these can all take place in the various Countries with the Time Zones being co-ordinated. We are delighted that the Director for Youth for Christ in Burundi Jean Paulos has agreed to be the Burundian Prayer Co-ordinator.

Formation of World-Wide Christian Ministries as a Charity

It is planned that by the middle / end of 2019 that World Wide Christian Ministries will be established as a Registered Charity. Plans are in place and Trustees being sought along with the other administrative tasks that are required. Many are faithful in giving to the Mission activities and this will enable a Government Tax Supplement plus provide for any who wish it an enhanced transparency in respect to funding.

Appointment of a Support Executive in the UK

I was approached before Christmas by a Brother who has requested that he might be the Support Liaison for me and the Mission Activities and this appointment and – on-going prayer is underway.

Mission Videos

I have uploaded to YouTube 4 new Mission Videos which I hope will bless you. They can be found at: –

  1. – “Set Free for the Glory of God”
  2. – “Where Do You Stand, Where are you Dwelling & Where is your Confidence”
  3. – “Do You Believe I Can”
  4. – “What God Wants Us to Know”

If you go to YouTube to view them, please Hit the Like Button and do Subscribe doing this will enable my website to reach a greater number of people.

Web Site Meditation – Preachers & Leaders are we Fully Persuaded

I have uploaded a Meditation to my Web Site today: –

It can be found at: –

Its aimed squarely at Ministers / Preachers, Its fairly hard hitting but has been percolating in my spirit for some time and I felt strongly that I should share it.

Thank You for being a worker together with me – I may be the boots in the field but it is our combined mission activity. Any success I have is yours, any fruit I see is yours, any miracles manifested are yours and any demons cast out are only due to your support.

One thing I am very conscious of is that I remain faithful to the calling He has given me. Essentially, I’m an Evangelist but God has seen fit to merge that Ministry into several other aspects. However Preaching the Gospel is my foundational role.

The Scripture says: – “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction” – “1 Timothy 4:2

So please be in prayer for me that the Gospel will be preached with penetrating truth and accompanied by signs and wonders following.

I want to take the opportunity to thank those who have supported me financially. Your participation has made it possible to reach thousands with the Gospel and see thousands making a commitment to Jesus plus testimonies of Healing, Deliverance and Liberty.

The time of “seed planting” has not closed and wonderfully the time of “harvesting” will not close until Jesus returns.


I make a point of tithing from your financial support to other Mission Activities. Your faithfulness to His call upon your finances to the work He has called me too has made possible the following: –

Youth Evangelist Trained

A young Lady in Belgium has been enabled to engage in and complete a College Course in Evangelism.

Pioneer Pastor

The support for 1yr of a Pastor (Married with Children) to serve the Lord with less anxiety over trying to survive on only $40.00 per month.

All these activities have resulted in God’s Kingdom being extended and will continue to do so. In glory, I believe Jesus will pull back the curtain of time and reveal how much was achieved through your faithfulness in both praying and giving.

God Bless You and Thank You for your Fellowship, Friendship, Faithfulness and Funding.

Financial Support

If you feel that you wish to “seed into this mission outreach” or any others, then please utilise any of the following methods: –

Make a Bank Transfer to the following account: – 

  • Rev A Martin – Sort Code 23/05/80 – Account Number 24028644

Send a Cheque: –

  • Cheque made out to Rev Albert M Martin – 28 Chipstead Close Maidstone Kent ME16 0DH England

Go Fund Me: –

The donations will be (Confirmed with a letter of thanks).

Web Site 

I’m so delighted by the many of you that have taken the time to look at my Website World Wide Christian Ministries  I’m having really good feedback about the site and trust that will continue. In order to convey the message of the Gospel to as many as possible when you take a look at any of the YouTube Mission Videos on the web site please hit the “Subscribe Button” that will then enable the site to obtain a higher ranking and bring more people closer to hearing the Gospel and automatically inform you when another video has been uploaded to the Web Site.

God Bless You All as you Serve Jesus with me.






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