Where Is God

“Where is God”

“Finding God’s Place and Balancing the Mundane and the Sacred”

In the rush of our daily lives, it’s easy to lose sight of the spiritual amidst the material. Consider the tale of a man who acquired a statue of Christ and initially placed it on his desk, a visible symbol of his religious faith. However, in a matter of days, his Wife moved the statue to the living room, then it migrated to the dining room, prompting a curious child to ask, “Where are you going to put God today?”

This seemingly simple question carries profound implications. It echoes the universal struggle of prioritising Christ and the things of God in our busy lives. It’s a question that should beckon us to pause, reflect, and reassess our priorities.

Our existence is often a juggling act, with careers, families, relationships, and ambitions demanding our full attention. Meanwhile, the danger is that our spiritual connection takes a back seat. Yet, the story of the moving statue serves as a compassionate call to action, a plea to carve out a sacred devotional space within our hearts and lives for that which is eternal.

The question, “Where are you going to put God?” becomes an invitation to harmonise the material and the spiritual, to strike a balance that enriches our existence. It doesn’t demand that we abandon our worldly domestic pursuits, but rather that we integrate the sacred into our daily routines.

In seeking an answer to this question, we personally embark on a transformative journey. We discover that by making room for God in our lives, we cultivate His attributes of compassion, purpose, and fulfilment. We find that the presence of God in Jesus Christ enriches every aspect of our existence, infusing it with meaning and grace.

So, let this story be a reminder – a gentle nudge – to examine where we have placed God in our lives and to ensure that He is found in His rightful place amidst the mundane. In this balance, we uncover a life that is both earthly and divine, a life truly worth living.

Let me finish with an appeal to you – Christ reaches out to every one of us and is not willing that we should perish.  If today you are not a Child of God, Jesus is not your Saviour then you are invited to call on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, right now, right where you sit. 

Bless You in your Journey of Faith – Albert

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