The Reality and Evidence of Our Freedom in Christ

isten, my friends, I’m speaking as much to myself today as all of us here and online and yes prophetically to the “wider church” saying that God is speaking once again into those tombs. We may have settled into a routine and lost sight of the radical, life-changing power of the Gospel. But today, right now, and right here the Holy Spirit is wanting to shake us out of our complacency and is inviting us into something new.

Christian Perspective – The Four Tendency Perspectives

Understanding one’s own tendencies and the tendencies of those around them can help Christians build better relationships and overcome challenges. For example, an Upholder may struggle to understand why a Rebel is resistant to authority but recognising that it is a fundamental part of their nature can help them find ways to work together more effectively.

The Power of the Gospel

It would be true to state that even the most zealous and enthusiastic soon discover that there is “just something missing,” which leaves them with an awareness of a void and feeling of emptiness. The reason why these very legitimate and natural things do this is that they are not getting to the real core of the problem, nor meeting the real area of need. They are dealing only with the symptoms not the disease.

The Bible gives to us the real answer to the problem, and it declares that in our standing and position before a holy creator God we are “Cut off by our sins, and without God we are without hope in this world.” It really does not matter how much enthusiasm or effort we put in to the everyday activities of life if we do not meet with the central need, of getting right with God, we will continue from day to day, until we reach the grave to live in abject failure and continue with a sense of emptiness, again the Bible tells us “Hope deferred makes the Heart Sick” and in another place “God has set an awareness of eternity into every human heart.”

An old Hymn writer once put it this way “I tried the broken cisterns Lord, but ah the waters failed, and even as I stooped to drink, they mocked me as I wailed.” There are countless millions of people who have discovered and are continuing to discover the reality and truth of this in their lives.

Are We Preachers & Leaders Fully Persuaded

I personally believe that there is a profound and awesome responsibility that falls upon the shoulders of anyone who is privileged enough to be a preacher of the gospel. It is true, that all children of God are preachers in that we are called one and all to be proclaimers of the gospel and to take whatever opportunity presents itself toshare the good news – “1 Peter 3:15”. However, there are those who are called in addition to the standard calling to be public proclaimers – preachers in a corporate function.

Pentecostal Pentecostals

INTRODUCTION: ­ – SCRIPTURE: ­ – “ACTS – 2:1–18” Whatever the Church or the Christian community in which we find ourselves today, if we are conscious that it is God’s place for us we should count it a privilege that God has seen fit to plant us in it. The Bible tells us clearly in […]