The Thrilling Journey through Jesus’ Compassion

In the annals of eternity, the compassion of Christ shines like a resplendent beacon, guiding us through the ages of time. Imagine, for a moment if you would if you were traversing the vast expanse of eternity, witnessing the compassionate heart of our Saviour. As we journeyed, we would venture back to the very genesis of creation, we would encounter the grandeur of Christ’s pre-existence, before the universe’s first quiver. In that timeless realm, we would discover that His awesome compassion pulsated, in an unending symphony of love that spanned all of eternity past and in fact spans all of time as we understand it.

The Reality and Evidence of Our Freedom in Christ

isten, my friends, I’m speaking as much to myself today as all of us here and online and yes prophetically to the “wider church” saying that God is speaking once again into those tombs. We may have settled into a routine and lost sight of the radical, life-changing power of the Gospel. But today, right now, and right here the Holy Spirit is wanting to shake us out of our complacency and is inviting us into something new.

The Promise of Life and Freedom from Guilt

It is a fact that I am sure that none of us today would try to deny that everybody is looking for a life of freedom and pleasure. Everyone is looking to get the best out of what life has given to them, and to find satisfaction from what to many is a meagre existence from day to day. Well! I am here to tell you that in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ that I have read earlier on from “John 5:24,” that we discover the answer to that need.