Skeletons in the Closet: Life and Death as a Bone

Skeletons in the Closet: Life and Death as a Bone


In death, the stories of the departed often fade away with the memories of those who knew them. But what if the inanimate objects that witnessed their passing could tell their tales? Imagine the secrets and mysteries they could unravel. In this four-part series, we will explore the perspectives of four such objects: a set of bones, a field of dry bones, a burial shroud and a massive stone.

Bones of Elisha Story – “2 Kings 13:21”

The bones lay in the tomb, nestled in the cool earth. We were lifeless, but not defeated. For we knew that one day we would be called upon by our Master to do something incredible.

We waited patiently, listening for the faintest whisper of His call. Our Master was a powerful force, and we knew that His will would be done in His time. And then, one day, it happened. A great energy filled the air, vibrating and pulsing with the power of the divine.

We felt a stirring within us, a new energy that had not been there before. The dust and bone that made up our being began to move, quivering and shaking, as if we were coming back to life. With a sudden burst of energy, we erupted from the earth, our energy and power palpable in the air.

We hummed and sang, our voices blending together in a chorus that filled the air with a radiant light. We felt alive, pulsing with the power of our Master’s will. We moved with a frenetic energy, like a pack of wild horses racing across the fields.

And then, we saw it. A lifeless body lying upon us, devoid of all signs of life. Our Master had called upon us to do His bidding. We moved around the body, our movements synchronised and fluid, like a group of dancers moving to the beat of an ancient song.

We infused the body with the power of our Master, singing and humming with a great intensity. We poured our energy into the lifeless form, filling it with new life, new power, new hope. We felt the energy coursing through the body, responding to our every command.

And then, a miracle happened. The body stirred, its eyes opening wide with wonder and amazement. It sat up, looking around at us. It felt an incredible surge of energy coursing through its veins, as if it had been reborn.

We knew that our work was done. We settled back into our resting place, content in the knowledge that we had been used by our Master to work a great miracle. We waited once more, our power and energy pulsing beneath the surface, ready for the next time that we would be called upon to do something incredible.

For us, the bones of Elisha, this was just another day in the service of our Master. We were but humble instruments of His will, brought to life by His power and energy. But we knew that our work was important, for through us, our Master could work miracles and bring new life to the world.

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