Christian Perspective – The Four Tendency Perspectives

Understanding one’s own tendencies and the tendencies of those around them can help Christians build better relationships and overcome challenges. For example, an Upholder may struggle to understand why a Rebel is resistant to authority but recognising that it is a fundamental part of their nature can help them find ways to work together more effectively.

The Challenge of Sound Doctrine

The anti-intellectual, anti-authority society, that we all live in and have grown up in especially when it comes to religious matters is one for the most part built upon an existential experience driven journey. We love the “warm fuzzy, feel good” meetings and teaching and why? Because they feed the “Selfie, Facebook and especially Narcissistic” attitudes and Self-centred Mentality. Testimonies are “Good and Essential” but will never replace “Teaching” that comes out of the realities of our walk with God.