Inspiring, equipping, fulfilling.

These three words describe precisely our three-fold vision and call to to Gods People to action. It is our vision to Inspire and Equip Christians in Fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our mission is to accomplish this through Training, Evangelism and Outreaches. Likewise, our desire is that you would take what God gives you through this ministry and do the same within your church and community – Inspire, Equip, and Fulfill. 

The call for evangelism is clear. Have you answered that call?

People can ask tough questions like these:

  • “Ok. Go ahead. Prove to me that God exists.”
  • “How can you believe in a loving God given the suffering in our world?”
  • “Does God really answer prayer? My prayers are never answered.”
  • “Why does it have to be Jesus? Why not Buddha, Mohammed, etc.?”
  • “In really tough situations, what exactly can I count on God for?”

It is our sincerest desire that as you take time to watch the videos, read the sermons and search through the studies that your heart will be moved to discover more and start your own journey of discovery.