Treasures in Heaven

I’ve been challenged over the past few weeks about where my spiritual eyes are focused and where my treasure is. Strange thing you might say to be considering but is it really. You see, it’s so easy for us to get distracted because of the busy and hectic lives we live. Families, Careers, Holidays, Seasons of Sickness and this does not exclude those reading this meditation that are involved in “full time ministries”.

Dare To Trust

In the dark mornings there is always a sunrise you just have to wait for the clouds to pass. I tell you today that you are only moments from the break of dawn that you have been waiting for. You are closer that your natural senses are telling you and the defeated Satan wants you to believe.


It is a fact that I am sure that none of us today would try to deny that everybody is looking for a life of freedom and pleasure, looking to get the best out of what life has given to them, and to find satisfaction from what to many is a meagre existence from day to day. I am here to tell you that in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ that are above, we have the very answer to that need.

Rescue the Perishing

How often do we weep over a lost and dying world? What about some individual, friend or loved one? Does it really bother us? I am afraid that we may only shed a few tears because we are not totally convinced that the world is really lost. We just do not see clearly the lostness of this world. Perhaps we do not understand the exceeding sinfulness of sin!