Why Did You Fear

We have a Sovereign God – Right? I trust we answer unequivocally yes to that. It’s a reality that God finds it unacceptable when fear is the dominating and determining emotion in our hearts and minds – Why? It shows a distrust in Him, His care, His Ability and His Sovereignty.

Serving Jesus

What’s So Wrong about Following Jesus Scripture Text: – “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.” – “Luke 14:26” Intro: – I’m so glad to be part of this time of fellowship […]

Newsletter No 9 – 28 July 2019

This is the Newsletter 9 and my sincere desire is that it will be  – “Interesting, Informative and Challenging” to you.  It is designed to let you know what has been accomplished through your faithfully praying for me and the ministry God has called me to carry out. In addition, your faithful financial support has […]

Welcome to the War

The truth is, and sometimes it is an especially difficult one to face up to is that we are in an on-going spiritual warfare involving the everyday lives of every believer. The war will not cease until we find ourselves joining Jesus at His second coming, and then it will only be for a short 7-year period until we return with Him for the final onslaught.

The 2nd Coming of Christ

We must not for one moment consider that the doctrine of the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and the Rapture of the Church is anything other than an essential element of the Gospel. It is the hope given to those who are members of the Body of Christ. In fact, the Lord has gone to great lengths through the inspiration of the Scriptures to emphasis how important it is.